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08 February 2013 @ 01:54 am

A fair amount of you have known us for a good period of time and when you know a person, you know the cat. Azri had been with us for 10 years when he passed of terminal kidney failure on the 18th of November last year, the night after Jun's birthday. 10 years ago he suckered Jun into getting him despite the complete intention NOT to get a huge fluffy cat, to fill the yawning gap in our lives just after our mom passed away and the dad left home.

Everyone thinks this of their cat, so pardon me. Azri, named after Good Omens' Aziraphale, was a phenomenal cat. Never a day of illness till those last few, and he took the hardest choice any owner could face right out of our hands, leaving with a sigh after Jun spoke to him for the last time. We confirmed him passed and returned from the hospital - it was as if he planned it perfectly - just in time for the Austin F1 race to start. He was a phenomenal cat. It's been a while, but god knows we'll never not miss that cat. An apt name to the very end.

It's been a torrid few months, very hard not to have a cat in the house and we're changing that very soon. We'll see how that goes - just had to get this down in LJ.
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